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Great Laker Moments
Great Laker Moments
Check out our feature articles on the spectacular moments in Laker franchise history, written especially for by Lakers Dynasty 2000 (LD2k).

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Great Moments In Laker History

Kobe Bryant Creates NBA Records
By: Chris Manning (LD2k)

Los Angeles Lakers 119, Seattle SuperSonics 98
January 7, 2003

Kobe BryantIn basketball, players can find themselves "in the zone" from time to time. Sometimes, we may witness an array of offensive moves that place spectators in a state of shock. On January 7, 2003, Kobe Bryant scored 45 points and set NBA records with his stunning nine consecutive 3-pointers, and 12 overall, leading his team to victory over the Seattle SuperSonics, 119-98.

Was it because T.J. Simers harassed Kobe about his mediocre 3-point shooting ability before his legendary performance? Or perhaps maybe it was Kobe's fierce competitive drive to achieve greatness? Whatever it was, Kobe Bryant found a spark within and made history on this fine evening inside Staples Center.

Missing his first two 3-point attempts, Bryant hit his first 3-pointer with 5:28 left in the 2nd quarter. He then went on to make his next five shots from behind the arc. When the 3rd quarter started, he continued his hot shooting by hitting his next three 3-point attempts, breaking the NBA mark for consecutive 3-pointers in a single game with nine.

His last three-pointer would come at the 6:58 mark in the 4th quarter. Breaking another NBA and franchise record for 3-pointers made in a contest, Kobe Bryant knocked down his 12th, surpassing Dennis Scott's previous record of eleven. Bryant was given a standing ovation from the Staples Center crowd.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the performance was that prior to this game, Kobe Bryant had never made more than 5 3-pointers in any single game. For all that Kobe had accomplished prior to this magical performance, he still was amazed by his own ability to set that particular record.

Bryant remembers, “You just look up and all of the sudden you realize that you have six threes at the end of the 2nd quarter, and that really didnt sink in because you are just shooting them one at a time. And the next thing you know, they just start coming and piling up.”

Lakers head coach Phil Jackson comments, “That was perhaps the greatest streak shooting I think I have ever seen in my life. Indeed it was for all of us.” Setting three new records, Kobe Bryant created yet another great moment in the history of this Lakers franchise that night.

Below is a chart of Kobe's three new records:

Most 3-point Field Goals in a Game:
12 Kobe Bryant, Lakers vs. Seattle, Jan.7, 2003

11 Dennis Scott, Orlando vs. Atlanta, Apr. 18, 1996
10 Ray Allen, Milwaukee vs. Charlotte, Apr. 14, 2002
10 Joe Dumars, Detroit vs. Minnesota, Nov. 8, 1994
10 George McCloud, Dallas vs. Phoenix, Dec. 16, 1995
10 Brian Shaw, Miami at Milwaukee, Apr. 8, 1993.

Most 3-Point Field Goals, None Missed, in a Game:
9 Kobe Bryant, Lakers vs. Seattle, Jan.7, 2003

8 Jeff Hornacek, Utah vs. Seattle, Nov. 23, 1994
8 Sam Perkins, Seattle vs. Toronto, Jan. 15, 1997
8 Steve Smith, San Antonio vs. Portland, Nov. 3, 2001

Most 3-Point Field Goals in a Game by a Laker:
12 Kobe Bryant, Lakers vs. Seattle, Jan.7, 2003

8 Glen Rice, Lakers vs. Portland, May 5, 1999
8 Nick Van Exel, Lakers vs. Denver, Feb. 13, 1997
8 Nick Van Exel, Lakers vs. Dallas, Mar. 4, 1997
8 Nick Van Exel, Lakers vs. Denver, Dec. 13, 1994


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