Usually I’ll write some recaps of the games as the season progresses, but after the first two games of the 2011-12 season, there’s really not much positive to say for the Lakers. Hence I haven’t felt like writing all that much. Of course box scores and stats have been updated as they always will be, although that has been a chore too after losses.

There’s really not much to say so far.  The Lakers blew Christmas Day’s game against Bulls with some inexplicable decision-making down the stretch, as well as four costly missed free throws.   They couldn’t have helped the Bulls more unless they put the ball in the basket for them.

Monday’s game in Sacramento wasn’t much better.  The Lakers never found any rhythm, and when they finally got to within two in the fourth quarter at 89-87, they allowed Marcus Thornton a wide-open three-pointer and that was pretty much that.

Two really ugly losses for different reasons.  Hopefully tonight against Utah will finally allow the Lakers to right the ship, but right now it’s difficult to know what team will show up.    Hoping this is just an early season bump in the road with the short training camp, new players, and new coaching staff.

Trying to stay positive!