As I’m sure you’ve noticed, we’ve completely revamped the look of the site. We have decided to move to a WordPress-driven web site so we can write more news, allow comments, and just add some general interaction to the web site that we haven’t had before. You can also actually comment on ANY page of the site, even the pages that just have stats. So that’s something interesting. You do not need to register a username to post comments, but you can if you want.

Also, some parts of the site haven’t been updated with the new look, but we’re slowly getting them all migrated over. If you come to a page that looks like the old site, it’s not a mistake. There is a lot of coding and database calls to get all the stat pages working right, so it does take a little time to convert them.

We hope you will enjoy our new look here, as we work to be a much more interactive place in conjunction with being a huge statistical resource for the Los Angeles Lakers.

If anyone is interested in being a blogger on the site, please send me an email at We are looking for writers to contribute to the site. We already have a new blogger, “vclakerfan,” who put up his first post yesterday. So if you’re a Laker fan and like to blather on about the Lakers and the NBA like we do, drop me an email.

Thanks for your support!