Los Angeles Lakers – Uniforms

Lakers uniform history. Currently only covers the Los Angeles jerseys. Minneapolis years not yet available.

Home Uniform 1960-1966

1960-1966 Home

Road Uniform 1960-1972

1960-1966 Away

Home Uniform 1966-1972

1966-1972 Home

Road Uniform 1966-1972

1966-1972 Away

Home Uniform 1972-1974

1972-1974 Home

Road Uniform 1972-1974

1972-1974 Away

Home Uniform 1974-1978

1974-1978 Home

Road Uniform 1974-1978

1974-1978 Away

Home Uniform 1978-1979

1978-1999 Home

Road Uniform 1978-1999

1978-1999 Away

Home Uniform 1999-2004

1999-2004 Home

Road Uniform 1999-2004

1999-2004 Away

Home Uniform 2004-Present

2004-Present Home

Road Uniform 2004-Present

2004-Present Away

Alternate Uniform 2002-Present

2002-Present Alternate

2013-Present Alternate

2013-Present Alternate

  • #1 written by ella
    about 8 years ago

    i want # 23 jersey p[icture hehehe..

  • #2 written by Brett
    about 8 years ago

    Try a Bulls site then.

  • #3 written by Jordan
    about 8 years ago

    the 1999 jersey is wrong. they did not implement the “L” alternate logo on the shorts until 2004

    • #4 written by Brett
      about 8 years ago

      Yeah you’re right, but I couldn’t find a picture without it, and was honestly doing so much on the site at the time that I just didn’t have much of a desire to Photoshop it out right then. I will do that at some point.

  • #5 written by Brett
    about 8 years ago

    OK Jordan it was really bugging me after you pointed it out, so I finally fixed it. So thanks!