Updated for 2013-14 Completed Season!

It took some time to get everything updated after the 2013-14 season ended, but all team and individual stats, records, standings, etc. have been finished to reflect the end of the season. We hope to switch the “records” section over to the new look of the web site, but that will probably take a couple months to fix. Yes those stats are totally accurate, they just open up in the old site format. Thanks for your support.

Lakerstats All Updated Through 11.10.13!

Sorry for the delay in getting the site updated, but all stats and box scores are current up through the Minnesota game on 11.10.13. Sorry we all have to still look that Dwight Howard picture below, I’ll try to update the posts on the site more often so it goes away soon. But rest assured no matter what story is on the site, the stats are always updated after each game, that’s the real purpose of this place to begin with.


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    Latest on 09.02.14 @ 11:49 am

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    Joana: The great thing about Kobe is that, you have no idea from just watching higthiglhs what he is doing. He has great footwork yes. But he's great at the mental aspect. He understands the timing and positioning required for a player to maintain their dribble. He disrupts that by getting them out of position and getting his body right where the offensive player wants to go. It's no small feat to play 94 feet of defense and lockdown Dwayne Wade who has pretty good handles.

    Maurice: He never but up the numbers like the plyear he was hyped to be.46,10 and 13.Did Penny ever have a stat line like that in a NBA game?He's more known for his shoes then his actual game.And you don't see what's so funny?SMH

    Chawki: Rajon Rondo because he held his own game back so that Pierce's ego would not have been hurt. And I say that with the most suories face possible. I think (not know) that Pierce needs to be the top guy on the team. There's no other reason why Rondo doesn't take over more often. I think he figures next year is his turn. I just don't think it was smart to keep that attitude in Game 7.

    Takanori: time he’s looking to keep Kobe out of a plsbisoe rematch between the Drew and Goodman leagues. m Kobe isn't from L.A but he earned the right to do what he wants in L.A at this point. /**/

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