I’ve gotten some emails asking why our game recaps haven’t been updated in about a month. Well to just answer in one place, the reason is simply that real life took over for a bit, and I just had some other priorities that unfortunately didn’t allow me to write the recaps. However ALL stats, box scores, etc. are updated after every game. So you can always count on those being current no matter what. I make sure those are all always done. That’s what this site is really about in the end, a statistical database.

Also, while I was out of town last week, somehow a settings file got corrupted during a server backup, and you’ll notice some of the boxes and the sides of the site, and some of the main content pages look a little wonky. I have to recreate the CSS for those boxes unfortunately, so I will slowly be doing that this week so they look right. All the info is intact, they just don’t look pretty right now. But hang tight, they will be back to normal soon.

The game recaps should also begin again this week, as things are getting more normal again for me.

Thanks for all the emails and interest in the site, I didn’t honestly realize the stories were that important to people. It’s great to hear. And thanks for your support of the site!