We’ve been adding tons of new things to the site recently. Here’s kind of a list of what we’ve been doing, aside from some of the obvious aesthetic changes you may have noticed to the front page.

  • We’ve redone the table colors on most of the stat pages so they are all shades of purple and gold now. They also highlight in yellow on mouseovers. Should be easier to read now.
  • Added an “Honors and Awards” field to the individual profiles for each player. Also, if a player led the league in any stat category, it is now denoted in red on their numbers.
  • Added the “Game Log” feature so you can track an individual’s games throughout an entire season. So far we’ve only done the 2003-04 season completely, and we’re currently working on 2004-05. We will eventually get these logs updated, but it’s a huge undertaking and all box score information has to be manually entered. It’s a lot of data entry, fun, fun, fun!
  • The “Season Summary” pages are now calculating the season points, rebounds, and assists leaders more accurately according to NBA stat guidelines for season leaders.
  • Hall of Fame players are now denoted with an asterisk (*) next to their names on the “All-Time Rosters” list.

The next few things on our to-do list starts with completing ALL the schedules/results for the team’s history. That’s our #1 priority right now. After that, we will fix the “Team Records” pages as they need some cleaning up and a little updating. And if we ever get through with those things, we’re going to work on the game logs for each season. Also shortly, we are going to add a “Comments” feature to our news stories here, so you can add your own feedback and interact with us. Hopefully that will be up by the end of the week.