So apparently the Lakers have a new way to motivate rookie forward Derrick Caracter to stay in shape, “keep your weight down, and we’ll pay you.”

According to a report on,

Caracter has a $473,000 contract this year with $250,000 guaranteed. If Caracter weighs 275 pounds or less on Sept. 10, the contract becomes fully guaranteed.

There is a future for Caracter in “Laker Land,” especially with the team letting both DJ Mbenga and Josh Powell go this off season.  If Caracter can keep himself in shape, there is some playing time to be had.    And it seems the Lakers are willing to reward him financially for doing so.

This writer knows that for $177k, he’d surely keep himself under 275 pounds.  Of course it would take two of him to equal that weight, but I digress.

Maybe the Lakers should have thought about employing this when Shaq still wore purple and gold.