Kobe BryantWe just wanted to take a second to address the Kobe legal situation, and this site’s responsibility to report news about it. Since we’ve received several e-mails asking why we haven’t mentioned it, we thought now would be a good time to address that.

While we definitely have an opinion on the subject, there are hundreds if not thousands of web sites already providing their comments and constant news about Kobe’s legal battle, ad nauseum.

While the news is definitely of huge importance to the Laker community, we feel it is in our best interest to focus our site on game-related and direct team-related information, as that is really what this site is all about. Providing daily updates on Kobe and his off-court problems is not something we want to be doing right now.

If something comes up of incredible significance with regards to the Kobe case that we feel we should comment on, we definitely will here. But for now, we intend to continue to bring you Laker stats and latest team information, as that is what we do best. Thanks for all the support!